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GNAV Pro Client Software

Posted Jun 24, 2014 by Joe Lassen



I have lost/misplaced the CD and need a replacement.

It is GNAV Pro Client Software v6.1.9.

I have queried my NEC marketing rep and have gotten no response for over a month.

Does anyone here have any idea how I might get a replacement CD?


posted Aug 15, 2014 by Mark Pendleton/NEC

 Hi Joe, 

For current versions of GNAV you can download replacement software from the License Manager Server (LMS), and the SWA icon must be clicked on to provide download options for covered and available SW downloads.

It looks like the version you’re running has been out of support for a while.   Shoot me an email with your Dealer’s name, the GNAV key serial # (eef#) and we can outline the path to a current version and access to a replacement download.



Mark.Pendleton @ necam [dot] com

posted Oct 31, 2018 by Lela Donelson

 I am a trainer learning GNAV Pro in order to do some training and have some real world questions.

1. Where can I find what information needs to be provided in the reports configuration wizard. There Reports manual just explains existing reports.

2. Do the virtual wallboards appear on the desktop